Encantado Magazine 2018 March Issue - Page 45

them from my belief in my higher power, God. Change. I am not fond of change. I will be the My faith in Him has taught me to love others first to admit that the familiar, no matter how and do for those who cannot do for them- unsettling, is almost easier to deal with than selves. A few months ago, I finally found my change. Embracing change provides us an purpose and my calling. I have learned that my opportunity to grow. Resisting change will take purpose is to advocate for those who have not your precious energy, which can be utilized to yet learned to advocate for themselves. After acclimate to your new changes. Although diffi- being crowned Ms. Elite New Mexico and se- cult, I have learned to embrace change and my lecting a platform, I have gone to many events life has settled into homeostasis. to bring awareness to domestic violence. I am now a part of Teresa Garcia’s movement “One Other ways to manage our emotional well-be- of Many” to bring awareness to our stories and ing are to stay positive, release anger, release to bring change so our victims are not revic- resentment, and taking responsibility for timized. yourself. These tend to ensure we can forgive ourselves and others to move forward in the We don’t always know what our purpose is. For healthiest way possible. some, they know right away. For others like myself, God places us where he wants us to be Spiritual well-being goes hand in hand with to do His work. emotional well-being as it is not just about being religious, it is finding the purpose in Please make time for yourselves. Take care of your life. Spiritual well-being helps us find our every part of your being. Ensure you are mak- balance as it is our center. What are we called ing time for your physical, mental, emotional to do? Are we following the plan that has been and spiritual well-being. Don’t forget, you are laid out for ourselves? Do the plans follow our worthy, you are smart, you are strong, and you belief system? are loved. Till next month, stay positive and be empowered. Much love. Although our spiritual well-being doesn’t just mean being religious, I believe that our pur- pose goes hand in hand with the higher power we believe in. I think how we are raised in our faith molds us into who we are as adults. If we grow up believing we are to be good, kind, sup- portive, and trustworthy, our purpose in life becomes clear as we are to give of ourselves. My experiences in life have taught me to be compassionate and giving. I was able to ac- knowledge and recognize my gifts as I learned 45