Encantado Magazine 2018 March Issue - Page 43

supplementation, hell I remember the days when training sessions were $60-75 per ses- sion. But let’s get back to why hiring a profes- sional is worth it. First and foremost, it’s the education and experience. I can honestly tell you that my education on nutrition comes from the University of Texas in El Paso and the University of New Mexico. Then, hiring a coach myself, and actually applying the nutri- tion plan that was laid out for me. Trust me... I have used every diet method to get into con- test or photo shoot shape and dieting is hard. To advance my bodybuilding career I hired very well known bodybuilding trainers. These individuals taught me more advanced meth- ods to training, educated me on biomechan- ics, showed me my genetic limitations and how to work with them. I remember my first coach said to me... “Dan- iel, you may not have the genetics to be an IFBB Pro but that doesn’t mean we can not build a beast!” That was good enough for me. Since then I’ve been in every fitness magazine, placed top 5 at 2 national shows. Won several regional titles, been sponsored and worked for 5 supplement companies, of which I am still a part of Blackstone Labs. In 2010 I was in Flex Magazine as one of the country’s best body- builders. Ive been able to share my knowl- edge by writing for several publications, most recently Encantado Magazine. If you want to improve your life, educate your- self. If you want to extend your career and improve your livelihood, hire a coach or men- tor. This goes for all you do, not just training. We all have busy lives and if we can put focus and attention on what we do best and out- source everything else, we would all be more productive. So boyfriends and hubbies, let the insecurities go and get your women a trainer. Girlfriends and wives, encourage your men to better themselves and push the envelope every now and then. Looking great will just be the bonus. For inquires email me at: rocbodyfitness@aol.com 43