Encantado Magazine 2018 March Issue - Page 41

trainers who believe in the strength of every indi- vidual. In fact, Curt J. Chavez (CJ), the owner of Evolvstrong, has been a pillar of support on Jenny’s journey. Jenny states “I am forever grateful to CJ, Evolvstrong, and all of the community of people”. I second this statement, I have fallen in love with this community of people because they believe that the Phoenix exists in all of us, and it does. As I continue my journey through health, I realize that when we honor the ashes that break us down, we can reignite our eternal flame and RISE with a new found pur- pose. strength, vulnerability, and power. Jenny went through the fire before she realized that health was the key to regain her life. Jenny was born in Texas, but she was raised in New Mexico. She is a stay at home mom and has two children. Jenny stated that she was an ath- lete her whole life, but a turn of events led her into a depression and an 80 lb. weight gain over the course of two years. To conclude, Jenny reminds us that it is not about denying the experience of loss, heartache, depression, and sadness. Instead, it is what we decide to do with these experiences that determines the power of our strength. Through this power, we are able to overcome the most challenging trials in our life. It is never too late to remember that you too are a Phoenix, you too have the courage and strength to rise from the ashes, you too are ready for flight! Clothing sponsored by: Athlete’s Edge Jenny had two miscarriages in a row. Prior to this, her mother had brain surgery from an aneurysm and almost passed. If matters couldn’t get worse, she lost her puppy in an accident and her home was broken into where over $8,000 of merchandise was stolen along with sentimental items all in the same year as her miscarriages. These series of events spiraled her into a deep, yearlong depression. During this time, she gained 80lbs. Then one day, she realized that enough was enough. She told herself “that’s it Jenny. You are stronger than this. You had a year to be sad, so tomor- row we start working on you!”. She decided to focus on herself and her health. She also stated that people who have miscarriages don’t typically share the he х)ѡЁ́ݥѠѡɥQձ䰁͡ɕ)镐ѡЁAѥٕݥѡȸ))䁑Ѽѡѥѥ͔)ѡȁѥѕѡ啅ȁɥȰ݅͡)ѥمѕѡɕձ̸ٽɽ́饹(