Encantado Magazine 2018 March Issue - Page 40

A Phoenix on the Rise Written by Natalie Pena Photography by Patrick Baldonado A s we all know, life is a journey of ups and downs. And, during our most trying times we can some- times burn into ashes and blow into the wind. As we fade away, we may forget who we are, give up, or stop doing the things that bring us our greatest joy. When I think about health, I realize that it is so connected to our emotional experiences. We all have trials to go through. It is in these trials that we either rediscov- er ourselves or we give up and let our ashes remain sparse. However, when we choose to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH, we take on a whole new meaning to our lives. This is the point where the Phoenix rises from the ashes into something new. Yes, the Phoenix may look the same, but something is different because there is a new sense of perspective. In addition, there is a new found purpose and desire to move forward. As I strive to redesign my body, it is no surprise Health is wealth - A phoenix on the rise that my life lead me to the Rise of the Phoenix com- petition through Evolvstrong. This gym has become a new stomping ground for me to retain and build my strength. In addition, it has allowed me to meet the most gentle and kind souls. Everyone having their own journey through the fire, ashes, and rebirth. The title Rise of the Phoenix means to me that we do not have to feel unworthy if we have burned away our health. It reminds me that we can rise from the ashes to overcome the most challenging feats in our lives. I believe that we do this through our health and so does Evolvstrong. This month, I decided to write about a competitor’s story. While there are so many uplifting stories, one stood out from the rest. I am deeply hon- ored that I get to write and share her story because it is a gift to the world. Meet Jenny Armijo. Her story is one of courage,