Encantado Magazine 2018 March Issue - Page 34

Marc-anthony Where did you grow up? I grew up in our Capital City, shout out to my home town, Santa Fe, NM!! What first inspired you to write poetry? Actually, music was my first love, lyrical finesse, quality and delivery of content is what caught my attention. I love to internalize and visualize scenarios, conversations, photos or life lessons and put them into words; thus my column title “My Vision is My Ink.” How old were you when you started to utilize words in an artistic way? Elementary school; I’ve always been a fan of wording as art - I remember looking in the Dictio- nary and reading definitions of words both simple and complex. My friends were reading comic books, I was fixated on oratory composure and reading the Dictionary. What do you hope to contribute to your readers? I feel that poetry is not only an art form, but a distinct spectrum of language in its own right. It is up to each reader how they will decipher my words, just as in a painting or any other visual form of art. I hope that something I write might be relatable or perhaps healing in some fashion. I also wish to connect with other artists of spoken word and maybe collaborate on some level with them. What do you plan on doing with your work? I’m open to opportunity and creativity; wherever this might take me - I’m forever a student of art and life. Photos by: Patrick Baldonado