Encantado Magazine 2018 July Issue - Page 55

time is necessary and ask, “What are the appropriate 2. ATTITUDE - A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you action steps for me to take this moment, this day, this never get anywhere until you change it. On the other week?” Allow those answers to come to you. When you hand, attitude is like altitude, the better your attitude, do that, things will align and happen much quicker and the higher you will go. Your attitude must be positive. much easier than if you blindly just start taking all kinds You must expect success. You must believe in yourself of random action and hoping something works. That is and in your skills, talents, and abilities. When your at- akin to throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping titude is great, you feel better, you’re motivated, and it some of it sticks. That doesn’t work and will leave you makes it a lot easier to do the things you have to do frustrated and aggravated. But when you are in align- along the way. In addition, you’ll attract all kinds of pos- ment and you’ve been guided, make sure to take those itive people and circumstances that will support you on steps and do what there is to do when it shows up to do. your journey. So that’s it. Your life, your dreams, your happiness, 3. RESPONSIBILITY - Responsibility sucks, but it’s the your fulfillment, your satisfaction have been put off for only thing that works. You must take 100% responsibil- far too long. Your time is now, right now! Study these ity for everything you do and don’t do, your successes five steps and then put them into place and watch how and your failures. Your responsibility first and foremost quickly your life and your dreams begin to manifest. is to yourself. You are your number one value. You are the most important person in your life. When you take Darshan G. Shanti care of you, you can take care of others much better. www.darshanshanti.com Like the masks the drop down on a plane in the event of a loss in cabin pressure, you must put the mask on yourself first before you can help anyone else, even if it is your own child. When you take responsibility, you don’t make excuses. That in itself is very empowering and will take you further in life than you can imagine. 4. COMMITMENT - A commitment is 100%. It is an all-or-nothing promise that you make to yourself that you don’t back out of, no matter what. Commitment will take you through the hard times. Commitment will help you reach the finish line no matter what ob- stacles are thrown in your way. And there will be hard times. Success is not a straight line. It’s full of sharp turns, unexpected problems, jagged edges, disappoint- ments, failures, and more. It is your commitment to success that will carry you through. 5. EXECUTION - Also known as action. Nothing hap- pens without action. It doesn’t matter how much you meditate or pray or plan, action is the key. The type of action you should take needs to be inspired. Here’s how you do that. Sit quietly for a few minutes or whatever 55