Encantado Magazine 2018 July Issue - Page 54

SUCCESS IS A F. A . R . C . E . W Written by: Darshan G. Shanti can make a phone call that you’ve been putting off. You hen you boil it all down, success really only can ask out that special person. You can start the busi- takes five things. Those five things are: Focus, attitude, ness you’ve been wanting to start. You can write that responsibility, commitment, and execution. If you do book that’s been nagging in the back of your mind for them, you are guaranteed to be successful. This article the past 20 years. You can get in shape. You can change will help you to understand them and help you to clear- your job. You see, there are hundreds of thousands of new things that you can do to have a brand-new expe- ly see why you must become successful. rience in your life. Think about these questions. What is your life worth to you? What is your joy, your peace, your fulfillment, But my guess is that you know that already. You know your satisfaction, your happiness, your time worth to you should be doing your dream, you know you should you? Are you living the life that you want to live, or are be exercising and eating right, you know you should be you just going through the motions, settling, and mak- working in a field that feeds your heart and soul. You know you should be doing what your heart tells you to ing excuses as to why nothing has changed? do, yet if you’re not and you are unhappy, it is time for The amazing speaker and educator, Jim Rohn said, “We that to end. must all suffer one of two things, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.” So, 10 years, I am not going to feed you full of fluff, I’m just going to 20 years, 30 years from now are you going to look back give it to you straight and you can take this information on your life and say, I wish I would have? Are you going and change your life, or you can keep doing the sa me to be filled with regret and disappointment? Or are you thing you’ve always done and having the same results. going to be full of happiness, joy, passion, excitement, Once again, the choice is yours. and fun knowing that you’ve lived an extraordinary life Here are the 5 things you must do in order to be suc- of your own choosing? The choice is yours. cessful. Every single morning when you wake up, you have a precious, priceless gift, just waiting for you to open it. 1. FOCUS - This world is one big distraction. Between That gift, of course, is your brand-new day. Now you the countless numbers of TV shows, games on your can open this gift and find the same old, boring, unhap- phone, movies you can watch, activities you can do, py, unfulfilled, tiresome stuff inside. All you have to do etc, etc, you can get lost in all of it. The most success- is go about your day and attend to your business as usu- ful people are the ones that are able to hyper-focus and al. Just go through the motions and let the world get the tune everything else out. They set a goal and set their best of you. Or you can open the gift and see your life life up in such a way so that interruptions are minimal from a brand-new perspective. You can see opportuni- and they zero in on their goal and do not stop until they ties that you have never seen. You can see possibilities achieve it. Like a racehorse, they put their blinders on so that you have never seen. You can do things that you nothing catches their eye and they’re not off chasing the have never done because you have been too afraid. You next bright and shiny object. SUCCESS IS A F.A.R.C.E. - Darshan G. Shanti