Encantado Magazine 2018 July Issue - Page 49

addition, he has won the NPC Meg- atron 1st Place Men’s Physique and Europa Games 1st Place Novice and Open Men’s Physique. Since Kolohe is a champion, I asked him what he believes has led to his success? Kolohe stated that we must: 7. Practice discipline when eating out. 8. Imagine you are already a winner! 1. Make time and make health a pri- ority! 2. Make health a habit. When we set aside time and make it a priority, we create a habit. 3. Recognize bad habits and replace them with good habits. 4. Cut down on social media. 5. Manage your time. Realize where you are placing your energy. 6. Sacrifice time with friends who are not supporting your goals. Throughout his journey, Kolohe stated that he realized he had to set aside time for his health. He also stated that people will make time for things that are important to them. Instead of making excuses, Kolo- he prioritizes health. Kolohe also said he recognized the habits that were not serving his goals, so he asked him- self what activities were taking away time from his goals. Kolohe stated that he recognized how much time he was spending on social media, so he cut down his social me- dia time and redirected his focus on his health and work- outs. Kolohe also stated that he has made some sacrifices during his training. Kolohe made it clear that nutrition is crucial to health and wellness. He stated that during “off season” he watches what he eats when going out with friends. He also sees a nutrition coach and continues to research the topic of nutrition. I am honored that I was able to spend time with Kolohe, and pick his brain. From his experience, I hope that you have gained some wisdom. As you heard from Kolohe, we can only continue to get better as we learn and grow from our experiences. Remember, health is not destina- tion, so journey on. 49