Encantado Magazine 2018 July Issue - Page 48

H e a lt h i s A J o u r n e y n ot a D e s t i n at i o n Written by Natalie Pena Photography by Patrick Baldonado A s I continue my health journey, I realize that health is not a destination. We “health nuts” are always exploring new ways to im- prove. Be it nutrition or our workout reg- imen, we seek to connect with our bodies in a meaningful way. Often, we look to our friends for advice especially those who have been successful in their journey. From ex- perience, the practice of seeking advice and understanding from the people who have been successful in their field has result- ed in exponential growth. In other words, what would have taken me years to figure out, I learned in months from individuals who have preceded me. You may recall, I wrote an article about my nutrition coach. I decided to hire him as my nutrition coach because he was successful in his journey. I trusted his process, and I saw magnificent results immediately. You may also remem- ber, I wrote about my journey through competition. While I am currently not fo- cused on fitness competitions, I continue to engage in the sport. Why? Because the individuals that are committed to fitness competition have a wealth of knowledge on physical training and nutrition. Therefore, this month I have decided to highlighting an upcoming fitness pro Kolohe Primeau. Kolohe is a fitness champion who is on a journey to his IPFF Pro-Card. Kolohe continues to inspire me as I work through my fitness goals. He has also encouraged me to push through the discouragement and struggles that arise from time to time. While Kolohe remains focused on being a winner, he also has a servant’s heart. He has made time to work out with me and teach me new lifting techniques and core workouts. During our workouts, I am always amazed by the plethora knowledge he has. My time spent with him is always valuable and worth every second. Kolohe strives to be the best in everything he does; therefore, it does not surprise me that Kolohe recently won the NM Mid USA Championship 1st Place Open Men’s Physique and Overall Men’s Physique. In Health is wealth - Find your lifestyle success