Emptiness Emptiness - Page 87

A meaningful photograph is not a photo of something but is something in itself. A photograph that is only its subject is seen and quickly reduced to a memory of the particular subject. A meaningful photograph is so much more. As with a meditative and creative experience, there is no end to its possible depth.

Not only is such a photograph an interpretation of the light that falls on the original subject matter, it is also a magical combination of that quality of light and the delicate balance achieved by light and dark areas in the image. Perhaps there exists an ancient formula for the proportions of light and dark areas within an image required to evoke in the viewer a profound depth of meaning.

As with other forms of art through the ages, photography can connect us with this deeper meaning. Each of us seeks a direction in life without knowing its final destination. As artists and seekers we are drawn by a creative force to the Light within and so begins our life's journey. As viewers of art we open ourselves to connecting with meaning and spirit.

- Ron Rosenstock