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Mariko Sumikura, born in Kyoto in 1952, is a poet and essayist. She is a graduate of Ristumeikan University, a representative of Japan Universal Poets Association, and is Editor-in-Chief of online international journal "Poetic-Bridge: Ama-Hashi" and Junpa Books. Her single and co-authored collections include "Ai Matou Hito"(A Woman Wearing Love), and “Duet of Forests” co-authored with Gabriel Rosenstock (JUNPA, 2016) She participated in the 49th Struga Poetry Readings in 2011 and Jan Smrek International Literary Festuval in 2012, Europa di Versi (Como, Italy) in 2015, Mihai Eminescu International Poetry Festival (Craiova, Romania) in 2015. She has translated over 30 books in the Junpa Books Series including "Mina wo Tonaete" (“Uttering Her Name”) by Gabriel Rosenstock.