Emptiness Emptiness - Page 6

13 Vinalhaven…

even the moon pauses


14 time comes and goes:

a stream still searching

for its own silence

15 Cloon River

things are not

as they appear

16 this floating world

in an embrace

of cloud

17 Coole Park

a stone bench –

the weight of emptiness

18 nothing to say

no decisions to be made...

incoming tide

19 ripples

in the ocean...

thoughts of home

20 a sea-shanty -

impenetrable skies

somewhere in Iceland

21 stiff with cold -

the chirp of Spring

not forgotten

22 thirst for light

still lingers here


23 a lost halo

has finally come home -

Achill Island

24 watered

by joy and sorrow -

the ancient roots of all languages