Emptiness Emptiness - Page 5

1 Pound us

until we are nothing once again-

the stones of Achill

2 it may take time –

light making its way

to Mulranny

3 things we do not see

things we cannot name...

yet somehow they're there

4 Sheefrey Wood -

there is much that remains


5 chorus of trees...

chanting the earth

into existence

6 scarred earth

scarred man...

om mani padme hum

7 leaves

whispering one another

into stillness

8 Cong Forest

one could find oneself


9 this world of ours...

nothing to grip

nothing to hold

10 the flotsam & jetsam

of past lives...

cold dawn

11 Skaftafell in morning light -

an egg being crunched

by an Arctic fox

12 a moment lingers

longer than is possible -

Clew Bay