Empire Life Fall 2016 - Page 46

YOURLIFE: ON THE GRIND LISTEN TO JOHARI'S MUSIC AND MORE HERE THE MELODY BEHIND THE MUSIC JOHARI NOELLE'S PASSION POWERS HER TO DREAM BIG. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE WINDY CITY SONGBIRD WHOSE TALENT DOESN'T JUST CONTAIN MUSIC. BY ASIA HORNE EMPIRE LIFE: Tell us about your early experiences discovering your passions. JOHARI NOELLE: I discovered this to be my passion at 8 years old but I built the courage to start at 13 years old. I did talent shows and open mics at my church, and took advantage of all acting and music opportunities. EL: How has Chicago shaped you and your work ethic? JN: Chicago is full of talent and that is amazing but it's taught me that it is not about talent, it's about work ethic. There will always be someone that has talent or beauty but the best 46 EMPIRELIFEMAG.COM |  FALL 2016 trait beyond all of that is dedication and hard work. EL: Many people don't realize that being a music artist and a creative overall is being an entrepreneur as well. Explain why building a strong brand is essential to building a strong business. JN: Being an artist or a creative and trying to be successful at it, you have to look at every single component beyond the art, you have to see the business in it to make it in the industry. You have to learn how to create an effective and unique brand for yourself, and really try to be