Empire Life Fall 2016 - Page 45

BEAT MERCURY RETROGRADE! NEXT TIME MERCURY RETROGRADE COMES AROUND, DON'T GET CAUGHT SLIPPING! NEVER FALL VICTIM TO THE EFFECTS AGAIN WITH THESE DOS AND DON'TS BY TONJIE REESE From December 16 to January 8, Mercury will be in retrograde. No matter what your sun sign is, or if you aren’t into astrology, everyone is affected. Mercury is the ruler of everything communication. It rules the mind, expression, talking, creativity, and mental clarity. Every time this season comes around, it leaves us all in a state of confusion for three weeks! Here are some dos/ don’t’s to making the best of Mercury in retrograde. Don’t make any deals or take new opportunities During this cycle, you may have been approached with a new opportunity or deal. Although it may seem exciting, it’s best to wait. Due to the poor communication that comes with the retrograde, your opportunity or deal may not be what it seems. Instead, sit on the deal until the cycle is over. Use this time as an opportunity to review and decide if it is really for you. Do get plenty of rest If you are already a night owl and run off caffeine, use the Mercury retrograde as an opportunity to restructure your sleep level. A lack of sleep can leave you delirious at any season. This cycle with only further cloud your brain and give you mental fatigue. So, rest! Do clean up all of your clutter When our heads are messed up and confused, sometimes our surroundings follow suit. Your work space or living quarters could also in array. Instead of ignoring it, or adding to the pile, clean it up. Although it’s not wise to start new things, it’s a great time to get rid of old things. Don’t try to fix relationships It may seem ridiculous, but if your relationships can last past Mercury in retrograde, it will probably survive for a long time. Disagreements and poor communication will be prevalent. Instead of trying to talk through everything, ride it out. Most likely the other person won’t understand you. Use this time to write out your feelings. Once the cycle is over, you will have a clear mind and your true feelings will come across better. You don’t want to misspeak or say something you don’t mean, so it time. Do make plans for the future The Mercury retrograde is not the time for action, but for planning. Since new deals or opportunities won’t yield good results, plan out what you will do when it’s over. Take stock of everything you want to accomplish and write it down. You may not know how everything will come together, but at least you will have an idea about what you want. Figure out the necessary steps and prepare to kill it when the cycle is over. Mercury retrograde is on its way but this time around. we won't get blindsided by the effects. You'll be ahead of the game and swerve all the obstacles thrown your way. | EL 45 EMPIRELIFEMAG.COM  | FALL 2016