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FIVE FALL SELF-CARE TIPS A utumn is here, serving magenta leaves and brisk air. This fall, take a moment to consider how you can tweak your self care regimen. Christina King-Rogers of B.O. Essentials and Tishana Brown of Relaxation on the Go offer expert preparation advice for whatever fall brings to the table. 1. Recharge Your Morning Routine Your skin changes each season, becoming drier in the fall. “Shea butters are a must have. My go-to is the rose and geranium body butter,” said Rogers. “Set the tone for your day by affirming your intent in the morning, and speak it in the present tense, health and wellness are lifestyle choices,” said Brown. 2. Set A Schedule Consider setting a self care schedule for your health and beauty. “You should schedule facials every 6-8 weeks and exfoliate 2-3 times a week with an oil-based scrub this fall.” Rogers recommends. Take time and allow your body to re-assess organically. THE LEAVES AREN'T THE ONLY THING THAT SHOULD CHANGE THIS SEASON. GET READY TO REVITALIZE YOUR REGIMEN! BY KHEPERA WALKER “At minimum, people should get massages once a month. Headaches can be treated naturally with an Indian head massage if you are consistent enough with your visits,” explained Brown. 3. Reset Your Body Brown recommends recharging your mental battery with a massage. “Regular Massages help your posture while you do all that sitting at work,” said Brown. Massages help mediate insomnia, anxiety, headaches and fibromyalgia. Invest time into learning what your body needs through massage this fall. 4. Protect Those Lips After a long day in the elements, your lips are one of the most exposed parts on your body. “Your pores are open after work, so exfoliate your lips then rinse with cool water. Cool water closes pores and stops dirt, blemishes and dark spots,” added Rogers. Prep your pout for the winter with a nightly exfoliation routine. 5. Check Your Diet Skin care and health care go hand and hand. “If your skin is changing, it might not always be the weather. It can be your diet” Rogers suggests. “Find a product that works for you but your consumption and the amount of water you drink can affect you too.” Don’t fall behind this season. Use these tips to manage your self care schedule and slay all year round. | EL 43 EMPIRELIFEMAG.COM  | FALL 2016