Empire Life Fall 2016 - Page 35

@IAMKEVINWADE he guy that makea the skin glisten in all e right ways. Kevin definitely believes ery woman has a right to glow and if it’s on brown skin even better. International, professional beauty and editorial makeup artist, Uzo’s work is one met with a delicate hand and attention to detail. @NARSUZO Jackie Aina makes sure to give you weekly beauty how-to and beauty on’ts along with some beauty truth and controversy. @JACKIEAINA @THEJENNIEJENKINS A global beauty influencer, Jennie covers all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. This beauty is here for the mission of beauty for women For my natural of color in every hair lovers or wig shade of chocolate! wearers with a From the lightest little makeup and of brown to fashion, Khadijat's the deepest of page for you! chocolate, Mali is Versatility and style here to embrace, describes are page encourage and best. educate. @PEAKMILL @KINGMALIMAGIC 35 EMPIRELIFEMAG.COM  | FALL 2016