Empire Life Fall 2016 - Page 20

TECHLIFE: APPS applo UBER CONFERENCE The future of meetings Schedule future calls and record for later reference. You'll always know who’s who on the call, the app also shows who’s talking, clutch! GOOGLE DRIVE 100% teamwork Work collectively with your team on documents and presentations, exchange files and more, no matter where you are! GLASS PLANNER A procrastinator's dream QUICKBOOKS Money the easy way Monitor of all your sales and expenses. Pay your employees and vendors, track unpaid invoices... your accountant will love you come tax season! SLACK The new way to communicate Keep everyone in the loop! Have one-on-one or group conversations that are organized by topic. Awesome for team building. Keep track of your upcoming schedule, document task progress and keep an eye out for upcoming deadlines. FOCUS NOW Scatterbrain no more 17HATS Automation done right Automate workflows, manage your accounting, lead captures, manage client projects and store their files. A true all-in-one app right? 20 EMPIRELIFEMAG.COM |  FALL 2016 Limit your distractions like social media and get work done. Set a time and teach your brain to focus as your farm grows to show progress.