Empire Life Fall 2016 - Page 12

BUSINESSLIFE: LEADERSHIP A digital mentor is defined as someone whose work inspires you from a dista encouragement from their content and feeling motivated after thinking of th We purchased their albums, movies and posters. To put a spin on our childh purchase the books they recommend, listen to their podcasts and probably keep Many of us get hung up on the traditional idea of a mentor. If you don’t have anyon You can leverage technology to get the same advice and insight as you would in p Snapchat everyday. Here are few tips on providing yourself with adequate mentor Follow Influential People on Social Media: Many of them are open to answering questions from their followers and probably provide a go-to place for you such as a website or blog to get insight into their worlds. We also soak up so much social media daily that it is important to curate your timeline. Ask for an Informational Interview: If there’s someone you’ve admired from afar, utilize social media to build rapport with them and ultimately reach out to ask for an informational meeting. If he or she’s not in the same city as you, tools such as Skype, Facetime and Google Hangout are free and create the feeling of being in the same place. Form a Mastermind Group: Peer mentorship has previously gone unappreciated but today many women today are forming small mastermind groups, both in person and virtually to build a support system for their journey. These groups use tools such as Groupme, Google Groups, Facebook Groups, Slack and listservs to share ideas and to provide LET’S TALK! We’ve asked our readers who their favorite digital mentors are and h “I have to say Kyshira Moffett from #HERmovement. She breaks all of those areas down into bitesize pieces and meet people where they are.” - @CristaGambrell 12 EMPIRELIFEMAG.COM |  FALL 2016 “I adore Fabiola Giordani. She’s running a fierce business and takes no BS.” - @MercyandCo