Empire Life Fall 2016 - Page 11

ED IT O R’ S PI CK THE NEW FOUR Cs OF COMPETITION RIP TO THE COMPETITION! LET’S LEAVE BEHIND THE UNNECESSARY DRAMA BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW WE WORK BETTER TOGETHER. WE GOT THE SOLUTION. BY ASIA HORNE C ompetition comes one of two ways when it comes to women in business. Healthy competition occurs when you see another woman in business DOING IT and admire her grind. She pushes you to be better, think up better ideas and to take more time to produce the best product. Unhealthy competition occurs when you see another woman in business DOING IT but… it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Copycat syndrome may kick in and it’s all downhill from there. After seeing it end up in the latter one too many times, I assigned 4 new ways to turn a negative into a positive. COMMUNICATE with her privately if things get too touchy on social media. Reach out to her and talk it out. Situations are best mediated instead of instigated if you know what I mean. COLLABORATE with her. Host a joint Google Hangout or partner for an event. You now have access to a new audience and can potentially create something that you never would have dreamed of by yourself. CONNECT with her! Let her know she is doing her thing and you notice it. You can do as little as leaving a comment under a post or if you’re in the same city, asking her to meet you for cocktails to have a meeting of the minds. CONGRATULATE one another. If we don’t support each other, who else will? Spread the #BlackGirlMagic. | EL 11 EMPIRELIFEMAG.COM  | FALL 2016