Emirates Golf Federation UAE Golf Events - Page 10

Finishing in Third Place in both the Gross and Net categories was Dhruv Nair with a total of 143.5 Gross Points and 125.3 Net Points. Nair plays out of the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club.

In the EGF OOM Boys Net Division, Zubin Chandra came in First Place with a total of 135.6. The Runner-Up by only 3 tenths of a point was Arjun Gupta with a total of 135.3 points. Both players play out of the Emirates Golf Club.

With the same format, the EGF OOM Girls Divisions, Chantal El Chaib was the winner of the Gross Category and the Runner-Up in the Net Category. Chantal had 161 Gross Points and 149.3 Net Points. Chantal plays out the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club.

Aashaka Desai, playing out of the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, finished as the Runner-Up in the Gross category with a total of 151 points.

Finishing in Third Place in the Gross category and First Place in the Net category, Chloe Trinh played in every OOM event throughout season. Playing out of Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Chloe had a total of 148.5 Gross Points and 198.5 Net Points.

Winning the Third Place prize in the Net category was Natalli Gupta. Natalli plays her golf out of the Emirates Golf Club. She collected a total of 135.5 Net Points.

To find the complete results of the seven month long OOM season please visit the EGF website at www.egfgolf.com.

Now that the 2014-2015 EGF OOM season has ended golfers are gearing up for the EGF Order of Merit Championship at The Els Club. The EGF is excited to present this prestigious event as the winners OOM season and winners of the OOM Championship will be celebrated after the second round.

To follow the EGF OOM Season and Championship find the EGF on social media. The EGF will post daily updates and photos from the event.

If you have any questions please contact the EGF at info@egfgolf.com