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CONTRIBUTORS TOMMY WEIR In addition to his role as Editor-in-Chief at EMB, Tommy is an author, speaker and CEO coach to emerging market business leaders as well as founder of The Emerging Markets Leadership Center. HANNAH STEWART With a background in business journalism and international development, Hannah is Managing Editor at EMB. RICHARD E. NISBETT Distinguished Professor of Social Psychology and Co‑Director of the Culture and Cognition program at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. With multiple seminal works to his name, he is one of the most respected authorities in his field. ELSIE KANZA Head of Africa and member of the Executive Com‑ mittee at the World Economic Forum in Geneva. Born in Kenya to Tanzanian parents, she has held various positions with the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank of Tanzania. RICHARD D. LEWIS A respected cross-cultural communication con‑ sultant, and author. He founded the Berlitz School of Languages in Finland in 1955, and was knighted by the President of Finland in 1997. He speaks mul‑ tiple languages and is currently Chairman of Rich‑ ard Lewis Communications Ltd. BHARAT THAKRAR CEO/Founder at WPP-Scangroup Ltd., the largest multi-agency marketing and communication group operating in Sub-Saharan Africa. ANDREAS GEORGOULIAS Lecturer in architecture and senior research as‑ sociate at Harvard Graduate School of Design. His current research includes the development of the Gulf Encyclopaedia for Sustainable Urbanism, sponsored by the Qatar Foundation. EFOSA OJOMO STEVEN SONSINO Founder and CEO of the Legacy Institute, and a fellow in the Centre for Management Development at London Business School, as well as a respected author and speaker. HELENA BARNARD A professor at the Gordon Institute of Business Sci‑ ence (GIBS), University of Pretoria, and member of the editorial board of the Global Strategy Journal. LINDSAY MCGREGOR & NEEL DOSHI Lindsay and Neel are authors of the New York Times bestselling book, Primed to Perform: How to Build the Highest Performing Cultures Through the Science of Total Motivation. They are also the founders of Vega Factor,  a startup that helps companies transform  their culture through process design, training,  and technology. ANNA ROSENBERG Editor-in-Chief:   Tommy Weir Managing Editor: Hannah Stewart Creative Agency:   MullenLowe Dubai Creative Agency CEO:   Mounir Harfouche Executive Creative Director:   Mark Lewis Senior Designers:   Ann Umer Jyotsna Lakhiani Account Manager: Valerie Lapointe Account Executives: Kevin Richard Harvey Noora Al Qassimi Practice Leader for Sub-Saharan Africa at Fron‑ tier Strategy Group. She is also a member of Chatham House, the Royal Institute for Internation‑ al Affairs, as well as the Royal African Society. A publication of Emerging Markets Leadership Center VICTOR LIPMAN Editorial Office: Reuters Building Suite 105 Dubai Media City P.O. Box 65776 Dubai, UAE +971 43758570 EMBreview.org A former vice-president of corporate communications for a Fortune 500 company as well as an author and a regular contributor to Forbes and Psychology Today. Victor also runs his own consulting firm, Howling Wolf Management Training. ABDERRAHIM ETOUIL Middle East-based journalist with expertise in fi‑ nance and economics. A senior research fellow at the Forum for Growth and Innovation, a research institute at the Harvard Business School (HBS), led by Professor Clayton Christensen. 10  Emerging Markets Business  Summer 2016 • Issue No. 1 Issue No. 01 Summer 2016