EMC 2014 Total Customer Experience Annual Report - Page 24

TOGETHER, WE DEFINE THE TOTAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE As you read throughout this report, there are many reasons—positive growth in our Net Promoter Score and industry-leading customer satisfaction ratings—why customers, partners and employees believe in the EMC customer experience. EMC has invested in a holistic listening culture to ensure that we are available to hear your feedback anytime and anywhere. We continue to enhance how we demonstrate our customer closed-loop process by turning data into action and sharing customized insights, such as our special initiatives with some of our largest Asia customers. Our leadership team and employees are focused on a common goal—putting CUSTOMERS FIRST—and understand that your trust is critical to our long-term success. Our TCE achievements in 2014 are just the beginning to what is possible when we collaborate and come together to define the Total Customer Experience. YOUR EXPERIENCE. OUR PASSION. 23