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FRANCHISE www.elmarkholding.eu  THE BENEFITS YOU GAIN: TRAINING PROGRAM Our training program is developed to transform you into a successful owner of your ELMARK store. We provide PAPER / ONLINE / IN-STORE training that will cover all aspects of your business, up-to-date information about ELMARK, new products, the introduction of new sales techniques, trends in global and local trade. TRAINING PROGRAM As a member of ELMARK family you have a significant buying and negotiating power thus saving money on equipment, supplies and marketing activities DESIGN & MERCHANDISING COMMERCIAL SUPPORT It is your flying start,a successful store and business concept, store design, training, marketing support and what is more the exclusive opportunity to distribute ELMARK products across the defined territory at exclusive prices. The dedicated franchise manager will walk beside you, answer your questions, suggest proven beneficial practices, he will guide and protect you. “There is one rule that is common for the success across all markets around the world – to offer quality goods at balanced prices and to follow a consistent, straightforward and ‘win-win’ commercial policy” Jelez Georgiev, CEO We aim to provide a meaningful end-to-end customer experience and we regard the exterior and interior of our stores of great importance to the positive influence on our clients. The concept of the store aims to guarantee the effectiveness of ELMARK product presentation and decision making. All ELMARK stores bear unified identity, easily recognized by our clients worldwide. We provide full support in setting up your ELMARK store, funded by ELMARK. MARKETING We identify and understand our customers, their habits and motivation. You will benefit timely, innovative and attention-aware advertising campaigns that connect with customers and deepen their relationship with ELMARK brand and our products.