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www.elmarkholding.eu SYMBOLS USED IN THE CATALOGUE Protection class Protection rating Beam angle The protection class indicates to what extent the lamp is protected against electric shock. All lamps in this catalogue are at least protected with the protection class 1 - a higher class is specified in the information box of the respective lamp. The protection rating ensures the operational safety of luminaires. The first number specifies the extent of the protection against the ingress of foreign bodies; the second number identifies the humidity protection grade. All luminaires in this catalogue are at least protected with the rating IP20 – a higher rating is specified in the information box of the luminaire. The beam angle describes the „light cone“ emitted by a directional illuminant. It corresponds to the angle at which the luminous intensity is 50% of the centre beam intensity. An illuminant is called directional if at least 80% of its light output is within a cone with an angle of 120°. protection class 1: protective earthing protection class 2: protective insulation 30 protection class 3: protective low voltage 54 36 67 64 60° 90° 180 300 120 Average lifetime Colour rendering index Dimmable The average lifetime of illuminants describes the time after which 50% of a number of illuminants has failed. For LED illuminants, the average lifetime is defined by a lumen maintenance of 70%. Colour rendering index (CRI) is a measure of a light source’s ability to show object colours “realistically” or “naturally”. Can take values from 0 to 100. Light sources labelled as “dimmable” can be dimmed with a suitable commercially available dimmer. The dimmable range for LED might be restricted. If the sign is crossed the illuminant is not dimmable. 3 Ra>70 Average lifetime Ra>80 Ra>80 Ra>82 Dimmable Non-dimmable Warm-up time (60 %) (s) Number of switches Mercury content Time for warming the lamp up to 60% of its full luminous flux (if the time is less than 1 second, it can be indicated as „instant full light“). Number of commutations until the untimely failure of lamp. The content of Mercury in the lamp. If there is Mercury, this is shown as follows <Х.Х mg. < X.X mg 968 SMD LED COB LED High power LED SMD is a type of LED module that use Surface mount technology (SMT) to mount LED chips on printed circuit boards (PCB). SMD LED modules are widely used for backlighting, home illumination, shop-windows, advertising, automobile interior lighting, Christmas lights etc. COB (Chips on Board) , is a new technology of LED packaging for LED light engine. Multi LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module. When it light up, it looks like a lighting panel. HIGH POWER LED - a certain number of single diodes with small power - usually 1W, connected in a specific way, and mounted in one body covered by optics (lens). They are used in light sources and lighting fixtures with small beam angle and high luminous intensity.pe of diode SMD SMD 3014 SMD 3528 SMD COB 5050 Type of diode High power LAMP BASE E14 E27 E40 GU10 G4 GU5.3 G9 G13 G5 G12 R7s Rx7s G24d G23 2G11 IMPORTANT: LED luminaires and lamps must not be connected in an electrical circuit, together with luminaires for discharge lamps