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LED FURNITURE & DESIGN www.elmarkholding.eu LED FURNITURE SPHERE 97SPHERE3027/N IP65 LED LAMP SPHERE Catalogue number TYPE 30 Catalogue number TYPE 70 Catalogue number TYPE 110 Light source Body colour colour temp. (K) Glowing in Energy class 97SPHERE3027/N 97SPHERE7027/N 97SPHERE11027/N 2700 Neutral Warm White 97SPHERE3040/N 97SPHERE7040/N 97SPHERE11040/N 4000 Neutral Neutral White 97SPHERE3064/N 97SPHERE7064/N 97SPHERE11064/N 6500 Neutral Cold White 97SPHERE30RGB/N 97SPHERE70RGB/N 97SPHERE110RGB/N RGB Neutral RGB 97SPHERE3040/Y 97SPHERE7040/Y 97SPHERE11040/Y 5500 Yellow Yellow 97SPHERE3040/O 97SPHERE7040/O 97SPHERE11040/O 5500 Ocher Ocher 97SPHERE3040/S 97SPHERE7040/S 97SPHERE11040/S 5500 Strawberry Red 97SPHERE3040/V 97SPHERE7040/V 97SPHERE11040/V 5500 Violet Violet 97SPHERE3040/B 97SPHERE7040/B 97SPHERE11040/B 5500 Blue Blue 97SPHERE3040/K 97SPHERE7040/K 97SPHERE11040/K 5500 Kiwi Green 917 At our website www.elmarkholding.eu you would find a video clip showing each product lighted. Material: Thermoplastic Size Type 30: 300x130 mm Size Type 70: 700x220 mm Size Type 110: 1100x300 mm Neutral 50/60 Hz Yellow Ocher 3+2 standard +extended 5 Strawberry Violet Blue YEAR TOTAL WARRANTY In case of insufficient quantity in stock of any item listed on this page, the delivery time after order confirmation will be 45 days. MADE IN ITALY Kiwi