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LAMPS AND COMPONENTS www.elmarkholding.eu LED STRIPS AND PROFILES CAPS FOR LED NEON FLEX 99ACC73 POWER CABLE FOR LED RGB NEON FLEX FIXING BRACKED FOR LED NEON FLEX POWER CABLE FOR LED NEON FLEX 99ACC72 99ACC76 CONNECTOR FOR RGB COLOR LED NEON FLEX CONNECTOR FOR SINGLE COLOR LED NEON FLEX 99ACC75 99ACC74 99ACC77 ACCESSORIES FOR LED NEON FLEX Catalogue number Model Packing/Box (pcs) 99ACC72 Fixing bracked for Led Neon Flex 0/500 99ACC73 Caps for Led Neon Flex 1/500 99ACC74 Connector for single color Led Neon Flex 0/500 99ACC75 Connector for RGB color Led Neon Flex 0/500 99ACC76 Power cable for Led Neon Flex 0/500 99ACC77 Power cable for Led RGB Neon Flex 0/500 In case of insufficient quantity in stock of any item listed on this page, the delivery time after order confirmation will be 90 days. 885