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OUTDOOR www.elmarkholding.eu FACADE AND GROUND SOLAR GROUND LIGHT 98SOL4320 SOLAR GROUND LIGHT 98SOL8120 SOLAR GROUND LIGHT 98SOL5821 Solar SOLAR GROUND LIGHT Catalogue number Power (W) Whole fixture Solar panel lumens (lm) (V/mA) Battery (V/mAh) Working Material time Colour body 98SOL4320 0,5 15 polycrystal NI-MH AA 300mAh 1.2V 8h plastic black 425 130/110 1/12 98SOL8120 0,06 1 amorphous Ni-Mh/40mAh button battery 1.2V 8h plastic black 340 100 1/16 98SOL5821 0,24 4 amorphous Ni-Mh/200mAh AA 1.2V plastic silver 200 1/8 1+0 standard +extended 1 8h Length (mm) 510 Diameter (mm) YEAR TOTAL WARRANTY In case of insufficient quantity in stock of any item listed on this page, the delivery time after order confirmation will be 90 days. Packing/Box Energy (pcs) class IP44 779