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OUTDOOR www.elmarkholding.eu FACADE AND GROUND MARTA 90-1 96MARTA901L/BL MARTA 90-2 96MARTA902L/BL Resin MARTA Description Colour Watt (W) Whole fixture Colour temp. Diameter lumens (K) (mm) (lm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Lampholder Packing/Box (pcs) 96MARTA901L/BL 96MARTA901L/GR Facade lighting black 1х3.5 400 4000 92 80 170 1xGU10 1/36 Facade lighting gray 1х3.5 400 4000 92 80 170 1xGU10 1/36 96MARTA902L/BL Facade lighting black 2х3.5 800 4000 92 80 170 2xGU10 1/36 96MARTA902L/GR Facade lighting gray 2х3.5 800 4000 92 80 170 2xGU10 1/36 Body material: Resin| UV resistant | Lamp included The product is accomplished with a LED bulb which parameters are noted in the chart. If you need any other color temperature or power, we suggest you to purchase the variants compatible to this fixtures separately as follows: 99XLED727 GU10 LED SMD 3.5W 4000K | 99XLED728 GU10 LED SMD 3.5W 2700K | 99XLED731 GU10 LED SMD 3.5W 6400K 99LED729 GU10 LED SMD 6.5W 4000K | 99LED730 GU10 LED SMD 6.5W 2700K | 99LED796 GU10 LED SMD 6.5W 6400K 50/60 Hz 3+2 1 Energy class 767 Catalogue number BLACK body IP55 standard +extended 5 YEAR TOTAL WARRANTY In case of insufficient quantity in stock of any item listed on this page, the delivery time after order confirmation will be 45 days.