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OUTDOOR GARDEN www.elmarkholding.eu TINA IP65 95TINA12/BL LED WALL FIXTURE 6W IP65 758 FRANCY IP66 96GRFLED05/GR IP65 IP66 95FRANCY/BL Resin FRANCY / GRF LED / TINA Catalogue number BLACK body Catalogue number WHITE body 95FRANCY/BL 95FRANCY/WH 96GRFLED05/WH 96GRFLED05/GR Catalogue number GREY body 96GRFLED05/DGR 95TINA12/BL Watt (W) Whole fixture Colour temp. Length / lumens (K) diameter (lm) (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Lampholder Packing/Box (pcs) 6 800 4000 300 85 130 1xE27 6 480 4000 220 28 113 1/20 12 1080 4000 230 72 105 1 Energy class 1/24 FANCY, TINA: Body material: Resin | UV resistant GRF LED: Body material: ABS | Diffuser: PVC | Light source: 2835 SMD The product is accomplished with a LED bulb which parameters are noted in the chart. If you need any other color temperature or power, we suggest you to purchase the variants compatible to this fixtures separately as follows: 99LED583 LED PEAR A60 8W 2700K | 99LED584 LED PEAR A60 8W 6400K | 99LED794 LED PEAR A60 8W 6400K 99LED588 LED PEAR A60 12W 4000K | 99LED587 LED PEAR A60 12W 2700K | 99LED821 LED PEAR A60 12W 6400K 50/60 Hz 3+2 1 standard +extended 5 YEAR TOTAL WARRANTY In case of insufficient quantity in stock of FRANCY IP66 the delivery time after order confirmation will be 45 days, and for others products 90 days.