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INDOOR www.elmarkholding.eu LUMINAIRES IP40 LED PROFILES S48 SERIES RECESSED MOUNTING 688 Catalogue number BLACK Catalogue number WHITE Catalogue number GREY Watt (W) Whole fixture Colour temp. Length lumens (lm) (K) (mm) Width 1 Width 2 Height (mm) (mm) (mm) Packing/Box Energy (pcs) class 99FM604012/BL 99FM604012/WH 99FM604012/GR 12 1140 4000 600 70 47.8 22.4 1/1 99FM1204024/BL 99FM1204024/WH 99FM1204024/GR 24 2280 4000 1200 70 47.8 22.4 1/1 99FM1504032/BL 99FM1504032/WH 99FM1504032/GR 32 3040 4000 1500 70 47.8 22.4 1/1 As per personal request, LED PROFILES S48 SERIES can be produced with Length 1000 and 1700mm with colour temperature 3000K, 4000K and 6400K. All profiles can be produces in color per personal request. L-corner for LED profiles S48series recessed White: 99FML/WH Black: 99FML/BL Grey: 99FML/GR size: 420x420mm Inside corner for LED profiles S48 series recessed White: 99FMI/WH Black: 99FMI/BL Grey: 99FMI/GR size: 420x420mm Body: aluminium | Reflector: polycarbonate (PC) | Clamps: inox | Driver: 42V SELV driver L- corner and Inside corners are ordered within 30 days term, after a preliminary specification of power and colour temperature of LED profiles. 50/60 Hz SMD 90° Ra>80 >15000 2 40 3+2 standard +extended 5 In case of insufficient quantity in stock of any item listed on this page, the delivery time after order confirmation will be 30 days. YEAR TOTAL WARRANTY