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Prevention Edition Fall 2017

9 Facts About Addiction

People Usually Get Wrong

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Diane Lasher-Penti


Prevention Coordinator

Deborah Stauffer


Youth Program Coordinator/Rise Above Advisor

Tressa Giordano


#1 FACT:

Substance use changes the brain, which can make

drug use compulsive.

#2 FACT:

Expecting your child to "just quit" cold

turkey is unrealistic.

#3 FACT:

Intervening early is more effective than waiting for "rock bottom."

#4 FACT:

Your child can be ambivalent about treatment and it can still be effective.

#5 FACT:

Relapse is common and represents a learning opportunity.

#6 FACT:

Positive behavior and communication skills are more effective than punishment.

#7 FACT:

Finding an effective approach for treatment can mean investigating different doctors or programs before finding a good "match."

#8 FACT:

Medication-assisted treatment coupled with counseling, is the preferred treatment for heroin and other opioids.

#9 FACT:

Many people struggling with substance use require longer-term and/or repeated treatment.

**For details on these facts, visit www.drugfree.org.

The Opposite of Addiction is



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