Elite Brand Extraordinary People Awards - Page 14

Dr. John & Brenda



Dr. John & Brenda Williams

both military retired aka Mr./

Ms Elite, Founder of Come On

Inc. has expanded two projects

under it's umbrella, the Elite

Steppers, Miss Senior Elite,

Miss Elite USA and Mr. & Ms.

Military Elite and Mr. & Ms.

Elite which empowers the

competitors to be the best

they can be at any age

He joined the United States

Army in Dec of 1988 and

received many awards over the

10 years in which he served.

And still furthering his

education after the military.

His awards list are to many to

list. He is the epitome of

success. List of Awards,

educational certifications and

degrees are many and very

distinguished..Dr. John is one

of the EPA Sponsors and enjoy

working with the growth of the

awards. This year Dr. John

spoke at Ibadan University and

met some of the Nigerian

Government officials.

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