Elite Brand Extraordinary People Awards - Page 12

Macaiah Tillman



Dr.Macaiah holds a Bachelors of

Arts in Communications,

Masters of Arts in Business, a

Masters of Science in Academic

Advising and Counseling and

Ph.D. in Christian Education.

He has served and been a

spokesman in several

leadership and volunteer

opportunities such as Kidz+

Inc. CEO/Co-Founder -

Improving Kids Physical and

Nutritional Needs, Vice

President for Community

Service Youth Council, Board

Member of Arkansas Student

Leadership Forum, and active in

serving and addressing

outreach, discipleship, and

mentorship. He was

recognized as Mentor of the

Year, while serving in the (VIPS)

Volunteer in Public Schools

programs in Little Rock, AR

along with being a spokesman

for Arkansas Scholars. He was

recognized in the 2009

Presidential Forum at Texas

A&M University for Service . He

is co-Founder of laExpose' and


For booking Dr. Tillman visit his website MTMotivations.com