Eleva8UP Magazine June 2014 - Page 7

two of meat. Not much more would fit. But once in a while my mother would take out the ice and fill the tray with Kool-Aid and toothpicks. When they froze, the neighborhood kids would line up behind me on the back porch to receive the drippy cubes. I can remember sitting on the back steps as we slurped, as the drops fell on our legs, the stickiness making tracks through the grime. They were as good as any treat I've ever tasted.

In the here and now, what can compare to those past summer days? How can summer now outshine summers of our youth? I think I'll start with a scooter ride down to Swabbie's for a chicken taco or two. Or a stroll around Capitol Park and a sandwich on a bench by the rose garden might do. Or maybe just a warm night sitting outside to look at the stars. I'll think back on the evenings when I was a young girl, when I could see the Milky Way.


"Growing OLD is mandatory; growing UP is optional."

— Chili Davis