Eleva8UP Magazine June 2014 - Page 6


By Marilyn Penland

Growing older can be a wonderful thing for the memory. Oh, I know, that doesn't seem right. Don't most people start forgetting things as they age? I may not remember why I go into a room, or the names of people no matter how often I see them, but other things that may have happened in the far distant past are as clear as shiny stones in a pond. That is, I can see them...with a slight distortion that serves me well.

The arrival of warmer weather reminds me of the summers of my youth. I don't remember ever being too hot as a child. How is that possible? Didn't we have hot summers? We didn't know air-conditioning existed. We lay on the grass in the shade. My home had nothing, even as simple as an electric fan. We opened windows. We hardly had ice! Our refrigerator (which we still called an ice box) had a tiny freezer that held a small ice tray, along with maybe a pound or


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