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keeps you dry, or warm ocean water comforting your body like a blanket on a winter’s night, and happiness about what seems like never ending daylight. Tasting summer has its own pleasures, like icy orange popsicles with vanilla inside; a ballpark hot dog with mustard on the left and relish on the right; or a Cadillac Margarita made just fine. Seeing flip flops in every color imaginable and in every size, the sun departing from the sky just before the night, also reminds one of why summertime is so divine.

It would be fair of us to ask for summer to be our only season and last all year long, but would it be appreciated and cherished as much. Like many special moments in our lives, summer is like a treasure chest inside of our minds. It’s to be hidden away until the right time and once it is unlocked, there’s nothing but valuables inside, which allows our five senses to come together and unite with one common purpose…TO LET THE SUMMER BEGIN!! Bikinis on the beach, sleeping in an Aloha suite, just plain not wanting this time to end, and thinking that life really is just a beach…not to sound cliché. So…here’s to a sensuous summer!

The Five Senses

OF Summer

The Five Senses

OF Summer

J.C. Hughes

ach season draws out our senses in their own unique way, but no season evokes our senses more than SUMMER. There’s anticipation for this season that is initiated by events that inhabit this sensuous season: Graduations, weddings, family reunions, retirements, vacations, Fourth of July, and even…summer love. With those events, warm weather, and the extended daylight, our senses are heightened and life feels just fine, swinging on a heavenly hammock, with two perfect palms trees on either side.

Our senses tickle our minds with the arrival of summer, giving us memories of summers past and reminding us of how special this season really is. What stimulates our senses are not only the summer celebrations, but simple things that help us experience summer bliss. Hearing crickets chirp through an open window at night. The rhythm of a sprinkler working to keep the grass alive, or the faint booming from fireworks off in the distance that are completely out of sight. Smelling a barbecue grilling burgers at the pool with a picnic on the side, or sunscreen lotion squirting from the tube and landing on your thigh. Feeling the relaxing breeze from an overhead fan that


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