Eleva8UP Magazine June 2014 - Page 12

By: David Hilario

A typical “princess party” may bring up visions of castles, flowing dresses, and shiny tiaras. It is a break from reality, an opportunity to live in a fantasy world. At the Glass Slipper, there’s an understanding that the reality for some young girls is physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Their princess parties are not just about fantasy, it’s about a reality where respect, value, and self-worth is established, and where young ladies can realize that it is possible to reach your dreams.

The Glass Slipper is a non-profit organization that focuses on enriching the lives of girls in foster care and group homes from the Sacramento region. This includes Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado counties. Founded in 1997 by D. Jackie Guzman, the organization offers mentoring and self-development programs for at-risk girls.

With a name like the Glass Slipper, one has to feel a sense of royalty and fairytale bliss. Guzman says it’s more than that.