Eleva8UP Magazine April 2015 - Page 39

their respective neighborhoods and show their friends love and perhaps help with filling a request.

It was important to Chris to actually talk with the homeless and find out what they needed instead of assuming and guessing.

He said he has been blown away by what they ask for. "It's not drugs or money like most people would think. They have an honest need for everyday things we take for granted." You can see the passion in his eyes when he speaks about this group, the

members, and most importantly the "friends".

Zach and Chris would love to see this group "spread like wildfire" and are working on turning this into a non-profit organization. Their ever evolving timeline includes seeing this in every city everywhere! They encourage and challenge each of you reading this to not turn the other way but to instead "love a friend" next time you are out. It not only changes their life, it will also definitely change yours.


{April 2015} ELEVA8UP