Eleva8UP Magazine April 2015 - Page 15

scent of sun-warmed grass and wildflowers as I approached the Hefty Gyros food truck parked out front. The sound of laughter and chit chat filled the air and we could tell we were in for a good day. We were especially excited to attend this event to view artist Brandon Bouldin's newest line of oil paintings, as he was the featured artist for the month of March. As I approached the art set up, I couldn't help but stare for a good 10 minutes at least. Glass of Todd Taylor Cabernet Sauvignon in hand, I had to stop and appreciate the detailed figurative pieces that stood before me. His pieces evoke such emotion, I had to really study them to fully grasp the meaning. What makes it even more amazing is it can mean such different things for different people. After gawking at his art for what seemed like an eternity, wine glass now empty, I had a chance to steal him away from his display for a second to talk. He revealed that he's had such a great response, his art has been flying off the shelves. I had to be sure and take one home for my boyfriend—this man is clearly going places in the near future! Brandon will be featured in our June issue, but it was great to see him out in his element. Be sure to check us out in June to learn more about this amazing artist and see some of his work!


Old Sugar Mill

Second Saturday is a local event that spans across various venues around the Sacramento area—all promoting the arts, good food networking, and shopping local. On March 14th, Eleva8UP had the joy of checking out the Old Sugar Mill's Delta Art Walk.

Traveling to the outskirts of Sacramento, we ventured to Clarksburg where the old country air fills your nose as soon as you turn down the first gravel-paved dusty road. With peacocks calling off in the distance and the occasional fisherman parked off to the side of the levy smiling with a friendly nod, it's easy to forget about the chaos of the city and take in all the best nature has to offer.

Not long after turning off of S. River Road onto Rd 151 did we realize that we should've left earlier—there was hardly a parking spot left! So many people came out to support and enjoy the festivities. It was so refreshing to see such a positive response to local art and business. Mediterranean spices replaced the

With Jax B.