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Want good customer service? Be a good customer. [ Period ]

Business: Michaels

Employee Name: Darlene

Location: Zinfandel Square Shop. Ctr.

Center, 10913 Olson Dr, Rancho

Cordova, CA 95670

Everytime I go here, they always are ready to help me find what I need. They're very knowledgeable! Last time I went in, I had a coupon that wasn't valid until the next visit, but Darlene was nice enough to give me a discount to help me meet my budget. Highly recommended!

Kim S.



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ELEVA8UP {April 2015}


Business: Starbucks on 9th

Employee Name: Sam

Location: 980 9th Street

Sacramento, California 95814

Sam is awesome! I'm very picky about my coffee needs, and I'm usually very skeptical about Starbucks because sometimes the coffee tastes bitter. Sam knows how to make my drink the way I like it, before he even knew me as a regular! He is friendly and took the time to explain why his drinks taste so much better. Thanks, Sam!

Heather K.