Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 04 | August 2016 - Page 44

What I Learned About Oregano

by Kimberley Andrews

During my journey of improved health

and healing, I realized many of the over

the counter medications I had relied

upon my entire life were not the best

choices for me to make. Many of these “remedies” also have side effects, that for someone like me (with four autoimmune conditions), can complicate existing conditions. Along with changes to my diet, I realized finding alternative ways to deal with common medical occurrences in my own life, might enhance my quality of life and overall lifestyle.

A couple of maladies that I have dealt with for

a long time are chronic sinus and ear infections. I have relied upon antibiotics so often that I didn’t even go see my doctor. I could just call him, tell him I had a sinus infection and he would call in a prescription to the pharmacist.

In my efforts to find alternative means to help myself through health issues like chronic sinus and ear infections, I have tried holistic remedies. A couple of those remedies include: taking local raw honey daily, rinsing my sinuses with a Neti pot and learning about what foods

trigger the infections (potential food

allergies). After researching in my old

college nutrition books and, of

course, the trusty Internet, I

discovered Oil of Oregano. That’s

right, oil from the herb Oregano!

Did you know that oregano oil

contains powerful ingredients that

can kill bacteria, fungus and virus?

This natural plant oil may also boost

your immune system, fight free

radical damage and work as a general

health tonic.

Oregano oil may offer the

following benefits:

• May help your body fight off

the flu and colds.

• May reduce pain and


• Can kill certain germs and

viruses on contact.

• May help repel fungi, parasites

and yeast infections.

• May provide immediate relief

from certain allergies and insect