Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 04 | August 2016 - Page 40

you are,” Eddie shared. “What is it you truly want without any of the other restraints or any other beliefs? If there was nothing holding you back, what would you do? What would you experience? That's the flow of the heart. I always describe the fifth dimension as feeling your way through it, but not holding onto anything and floating through that alignment, whereas the third dimensional reality is more physical. There's obviously different layers, but the biggest thing is learning to let go of how things should appear and letting things show up as your experience is supposed to be.”

Eddie continued, “The perfect example I shared on my radio show recently, is somebody who was saying 'I need a new position in my company.' They were applying for jobs, and so forth, but it turns out there was a new position coming in, but it's with a different company. The truth is, that they may not recognize that this is the shift. It's the position that they thought they were going after, but it's in a different company, because there's a different alignment for their energy that is parallel to that other company. So, we can't get into this it must be this way.”

When it's time for you to take action and it feels like it’s true, it is coming from a deep place in the heart. Manifesting from the point of in-the-head, people feel like they have to hang on and create action, create action, create action, and spirit can't help you in that because you're saying, “I'm doing it myself.” It is about participating; bringing in your messages, your feelings, the emotions, and everything in between that you feel about what it is you're trying to manifest, and then actually surrendering it to Creation so it can be manifested.

“Sometimes when I say that to people, 'you have to let it go,' they literally are taking it into the human physical form and saying I just have to forget about it and I'm not going to get it,” Eddie said. “That's going to be a transition into the fifth dimension because there's nothing human about spirit. It's when we are creating we have to get rid of that human-ness of how we make a cake, make a salad, that type of thing because manifesting is not like that. It's about bringing in the energy, bringing the emotion, the flow of it, the details and then we have to surrender to it. In a sense you do forget about it. It's what you desire, it's part of your destiny if you will, but then it is being in the creation process. You're turning it over to Creation to create and then it just brings it in a strong way. So control is going to be difficult for people that are control freaks, but there's no control in the fifth dimension. You have to TRUST, and that's what this year has been about. Not only competition

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