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Manifesting has Shifted, Again

An Interview with

Eddie Mullins

There's an element of life that some individuals would rather avoid (self included) and it is called Learning Experiences. We go through experiences to learn, shift emotionally and to expand our ever changing life.

I spoke with Eddie Mullins to gain his insight on manifesting, self-love, and what's energetically coming to us all, in the next month. Eddie is a Shamanic Way Walker, Shamanic Healer and Teacher, Soul Healing Channel, and Popular Radio Personality. Eddie has mentored and coached thousands of clients, all over the world.

Realizing that not everyone may be familiar with the term Shamanic Healer, I asked Eddie for his interpretation:

“There's so many different definitions of what it is,” said Eddie. “There are shamans and then there are shamanic healers. Shamanism, in the terms of shamanic healing, is more about the infusion of nature into healing practices. In shamanic alignment, everything is alive. It's about going into the deep levels of the channel of the body, into the body’s frequency, and working with that level of the soul. Shamanism is really about going into an altered state of looking at the way things really are. So it's the light; it's the dark shadow; it's the nature; it's the frequency; it's the love consciousness; it's the heart. It's going inside of all of these places and being able to bring things into harmony and to release disharmony. It's about looking at the parallels of what we can bring in as harmony instead of living through disharmony.“

He shared with me that each of us has a shamanic alignment. Our individual shamanic alignment helps us to see that everything is alive, and everything is the foundation of oneness to the web of life. The frequency of shamanic healing comes from our heart. It's the connection to our soul. In regards to being a shamanic healer, it's about working on the conscious level of an individual. Eddie explained, “For instance, soul loss is about looking at the deep levels of where is the trauma, what is the experience, where is it stuck in the body, and how do we prepare that and bring that piece of a person back in, so they can function. It's all about, on that level; safety. It's about re-collecting the bits and pieces of who we are from the creation level and being able to bring all of the frequencies back into alignment so there's no disassociation with either 'I need to be sick' or 'I need to be like this because I can't have that.' It brings you back into your creation frequency where everything is possible and there are no limitations. The best way to describe it is an infusion of nature frequency.”

Manifesting is the ability to create. Many of the readily available teachings about manifesting tend to be from the standpoint of being outside-of-the heart (in other words in-the-head) which reinforces separation of our heart and mind. There is a different outcome when you manifest from the point of being in-the-heart versus in-the-head (using intellect or thought). When you manifest from your heart, it's you. It's your creation. When you manifest from thought, or in-the-head, there is constraint. You create from the perceptions of others - society's way, other people's way, someone else's beliefs – and then, you believe this is how it must be.

“Manifesting is about navigating through who

by C.K. Kochis

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