Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 04 | August 2016 - Page 30

I would walk along the beach for hours, and lose track of time; look down at my phone to see that hours had passed, in what seemed like a few minutes. My soul reminded me that it does not care about the time, and to allow me to enjoy nature’s ravishment. I collected shells, rocks and along my way, families; would come chat with me for a brief moment to ask if they could play with my water-loving dog. My response, “Absolutely, let me show you how she is trained.” People delighted in the wonderment of how incredibly trained she is and what she can offer to them. Some days I would wander down to the floating docks, and meditate with the geese or practice yoga. One day as I practiced a yoga pose all of the ologists said I would never do, I felt a lengthening deep within.

So, five days a week, I would practice outdoor yoga; the time, the poses all coached by my body, my soul. I did not know how long or what pose I

would practice until at that precise moment; and I was calmly alright with that. I would practice under the grapevines at home, on the beach or floating dock. I am one with nature; nature is one with me. As time passed, my love of nature became even stronger than before.

One day out of nowhere, I

drove away from everything (off the grid) to a “secret” camping spot known only to a few. For hours, I walked amongst the trees, the plants, watching the animals come and go; as if to say, “We know that you are here, and you are safe with us; we will watch over you.” I walked to the waterfall, and was surprised that it was a mere trickle. I hiked up the bare riverbed; pulling myself up and over rocks; the ache that began was a good feeling-a release of sorts. I continued until I reached the top, to see that a tree had fallen over it, and with a mightiness of strength handed to me from the divine, I moved the log, so that the

river could flow again. I had no plans to stay the night, but stayed as long as the light allowed, I then began my drive - a slow, dusty and weary task of winding down the narrow mountain dirt road. Yet, I was at more peace than I had been in a long time.

In the quiet stillness of early morning, I meditate while wandering around my garden, with my cup of coffee, listening to bird symphonies. Often, I sit under the grape gazebo. It is here that the deeply flowing, divine wisdom emanates from my heart. As I write in my journal, the pen moves across the paper like a paintbrush, showing me the greatness that lies within me. In the evening, I often sit in my garden, reading a book or

simply sitting and once

again enjoying the bird

symphony. Nature

nurtures my soul;

my soul is one

with the divine

in nature.

I find so

much solace

and peace

within nature.

This year, I

began to

reclaim my