Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 04 | August 2016 - Page 29

Enjoying Nature's Benefits

Have you ever felt that no matter what you try, there seems to be a negative dexterity to you? Try as you might, the positive affirmations do not seem to be working. You write them down, chant a positive mantra and your thoughts regain the negative mental chatter all over again; only to begin again with no ending in sight.

In numerology terms, the year 2015, should have been my eight year; this shall be my super successful year in whatever I attempted; almost like having the golden Midas touch. Yet, this proved over and over to be my negative minus eight year. Here I was not accumulating anything other than negative moment after negative moment. The only thing that remained constant was an address of a home; everything, and I mean everything changed. Now, if I look at this as the Karmic releasing lottery, then I scored the Mega Powerball!

I began a journey using and creating positive affirmations. I worked at attempting to change my mindset; to create more positive mindfulness, working to manifest that which I seek. At first, it was not happening, and I had no idea why. But then, my soul spoke - letting me know that mindfulness does not come from outside; it comes from within. In finding my sacred space for solace, I went to the woods.

I went for long nature walks along the beach, in the forest; and anywhere that I could find quiet. The noise of the outside world sounded like a war zone; of which I did not wish to be part of. While on my walks, I noticed that when I became one with nature, that the outside noise pollution quieted, allowing me to hear my soul speak. My soul was weary from all the negative mental chatter of the world and my own making.

By Natasha Botkin