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experience in order to discover who we are to become. It's all about adjustment. It's about finding out what makes our hearts sing and then following our hearts, to their fullest content.

To get a better understanding of Lisa’s experience with diabetes, I asked her to share the metrics of her disease - to look at the ups and downs of her blood sugars and to examine her average numbers.

Lisa said that, “My numbers, even when I was on all of the medications, were pushing 300. I was usually right around 280, sometimes up to 350 when it would spike. There were times when it would actually…” she paused, “the meter would not read, which meant my blood sugar was over 500. That only happened a few times, but I had my share of 400 readings, too. My average was closer to 300.”

“How did you not have a stroke, Lisa?” I asked.

“I know. I dodged a bullet. I really did. I just tested my blood sugar this morning before we talked and it was 99. I'm right where I need to be.”

By changing her lifestyle, and not dieting, she turned her health around. Once you start feeling better, you want to continue that sense of wellness.

Lisa continues, “Not to say that I don't miss pizza; I do dream about it sometimes. Once I reach my weight loss goals and my blood sugar goals, and they've been consistent, pizza's something that you can indulge in once in awhile for…” she paused and reworded what she was going to say, “I don't want to say a treat 'cause it's not like I'm not. I'm treating myself well everyday. I'm eating the foods that feed my body. Pizza is just not good for me in any way, shape or form. But, I think it feeds some of that reptilian part of our brain that still wants the comfort in the flavor and the pleasure. I try to get that in other ways now instead of looking to food to fill that void. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it, but it's no longer part of what I eat.”

In the way of exercise, Lisa attends several classes a week led by her friend Melissa. She teaches a class called Cardio Dance. Up until a couple of weeks ago she was also working with Melissa one-on-one, once a week, doing personal training, but has put that on a little Hiatus until the fall. “She's an incredible dancer with a great play list. The energy in the room keeps you going, even when you feel like your heart is going to burst out of your chest.” Lisa enjoys Zumba and recently started attending Cardio Drumming. She also tries to do yoga once a week and get outside and walk at least three times a week.

Exercise is not about being on a treadmill; it is moving your body, in ways that you enjoy! If what you're doing, brings you joy, you'll find a rhythm that works for you, finding the body movement that touches your soul.

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