Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 04 | August 2016 - Page 22

Our family was a mess. Mike and I starting blaming each other because we both felt completely powerless. Things got really ugly for a while.

And then one phone call forever changed our lives. At first I was skeptical when a friend recommended a nutritionist to help Julia heal. At this point, Mike was resigned to the fact that she would most likely have to live with medication for life to control her seizures. However, I held onto a glimmer of hope that something would come to the surface. And it did!

The nutritionist, Karen Hurd, helped us to see the first step in understanding how we could shift the internal environment of Julia’s body to help her heal from the inside, out. This opened up a doorway of possibility and since then we have gone on to completely stop Julia’s seizures, Mike’s anxiety, my auto-immune condition and even heal Mike from the life-long allergies he has had since he was a kid; all medication free. Another side benefit is we are all happier and more connected as a family than ever before. We did this by working with experts to shift important parts of our lives and change our individual body’s internal environments.

We now have the key to overcoming allergies, anxiety, ADD and seizures. It always starts with a simple shift…changing your child’s internal environment.

You’re probably wondering what an “internal environment” is. Think of your internal environment as all of the hormones, enzymes, nutrients and fluids surrounding every cell in your body…it’s what your blood is made of! The information in our blood signals to our cells how to function. For example, when our blood contains dopamine, the pleasure hormone, our mood is lifted, our heart rate slows and we breathe deeper. It allows us to feel most open to new opportunities and to be creative. On the other hand, when our blood contains cortisol, the stress hormone, our heart rate speeds up, our sensory perception heightens and our mindset shifts to place of protection rather than growth.

Our family was chronically unbalanced and our blood was full of cortisol! In order to make a shift we focused on five areas of our lives to shift things around; nutrition, relationships, downtime, activity and beliefs.

It was pretty shocking to find out how important our relationships, downtime and spiritual beliefs were in regards to my family’s physical health. I had been a certified fitness instructor and sports performance trainer as well as a nutrition expert (studying over 100 different dietary theories) for over 10 years prior to our health meltdown. Like many parents, I thought feeding my kids lots of organic veggies and staying involved in activities would keep them healthy.

In a way, I’m grateful for the multiple trips to the ER, four months of endless seizures, a year of anxiety and complete exhaustion from an autoimmune condition. The breakdown led us to our break through… the five components affecting our body’s internal environment and ultimately our health and happiness.

Fabienne Fredrickson, one of the coaches at Hinman Holistic Health Institute, shared a wonderful analogy of an acorn. She explains how the acorn is an incredible example of entelechy. Entelechy is defined as the realization of potential. The little acorn has the potential to grow into a great oak tree, but only with the right environment and conditions… rich soil, water and sunlight. You see this acorn is a lot like your child’s health. Your child has the potential to grow up living a life full of joy and vibrant health. The key to being able to realize the potential simply depends on creating a rich and nourishing internal environment.

As a mother who has lived through it, I can relate to any feelings anyone might have of overwhelm, uncertainty and worry. I know what it’s like to lose sleep at night because you’re worried about your child.

You’re not alone and there is a way for you to feel optimistic about your child’s future. To be grateful for the chance to guide them to overcome their individual challenge. To feel like parent of the year when your child’s days are filled with laughter and new possibilities. It all starts with understanding how to shift your child’s internal environment.

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