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 "Congratulations Cindy! Just finished reading. I loved your story of writing a family newspaper as a little girl. So fascinating how our calling can show up so early in our lives."

- Joni Advent Maher

 "I am beyond ecstatic to hear this, but not surprised! Your magazine is simply fantastic. It is beautifully layed out, interactive, colorful, inspiring & so full of helpful information. You will serve many with this new endeavor from your heart, my friend! Thank you for letting me, and all of your readers, be part of it!" - Tae Lynne

"Cindy - BRAVO, love your work! Beautifully crafted! Thank you for allowing me to have a part in your first publication."

- Debbie Laino 

" Fantastic work, Cindy! You've done an amazing job in a very short time and I can't wait to see next month's issue ." - Kat Tozier

"Congratulations on your maiden voyage! Looking forward to what the future holds!" - Kimberley Elizabeth Andrews 

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