Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine Issue 02 | June 2016 - Page 44

“If you don't make the change to learning to - first of all - appreciate your body..." she paused, and continued, "and then start liking your body and then to love your body, you're not going to do what is necessary to take care of your body. Because, why would you take care of something you don't like?”

Self-love isn't something vague, it is vital. When we are motivated by self-love, there's nothing we wouldn't do to take care of our self. We become our number one priority.

“I encourage women to find something creative,” Rachel said. “There's a lot of times, that if our creativity is not expressed and if our talents are not used, we are going to go to food to compensate.”

Take a moment and ponder: what is your relationship with food? Are you using it to fill a void? Does it bring you comfort when you're feeling emotional or as though something is lacking from your life? In Rachel's experience, she's noticed we have an unhealthy relationship with food because we don't express that which is within us.

How does Rachel express herself? “I love to sing,” said Rachel joyfully. “I sing in the car. I sing in the shower. I sing Karaoke.” She pauses before continuing, “I actually have a story that goes with this. Because I grew up in Israel, and I grew up in a religious home, and went to a religious school. In the orthodox Jewish community, they teach young girls not to sing because they say our voices are sinful and they can lead men into sinful thoughts.” Not being able to sing and express her internal voice had an impact on Rachel's self-image. The fact that she is singing now is a very healing act for her as a woman. “It's like finding my voice,” she explained. “To feel myself loud and be heard, and not caring what other say about me.”

Rachel is naturally gifted with the ability to educate women on how to love themselves, their bodies, and explore their relationship with food on a deep level. She has a special way of sharing how the elements for a healthier life are connected and affect us in various ways.

Rachel is a contibuting author in 365 Ways To Connect With Your Soul and Unleash Your Inner Magnificence. She has penned several ebooks that are available at www.healthnutgirl.com.

To learn more about Rachel Kieffer and her one-on-one coaching services, group sessions, and online study courses (7-Day Cleanse and Freedom From Sugar Addiction), please go to her website www.healthnutgirl.com. I recommend joining her email list (you'll receive her valuable free opt-in offer) and taking the time to read her informative blog posts.

Written with love,

C.K. Kochis

“There's a lot of times, that if our creativity is not expressed and if our talents are not used, we are going to go to food to compensate.”

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